While in your first week the focus has been experimentation with the app and CGM device and making the first discoveries about how your body reacts to foods and activities, in your second week you will expand into your understanding of your body reactions and will start to acquire strategies for improvement.

2nd-week strategies for effective glucose control

A one-time spike from a meal does not mean to ditch that food forever; instead, it is a signal to do some experimenting.

Let's say you observed a glucose response of 160 mg/dL (8.9 mmol/L) after consuming a sushi meal. You realize this is an above-normal response, so you want to do some digging before getting rid of your favorite food forever. You understand that the biggest "suspect" for this increase must be the rice in sushi because it contains a lot of carbohydrates. Below are some further tests to explore:

  1. Add in a protein to your rice, such as seared shrimp. Even just consuming some of the protein before the rice can make a big difference!

  2. Add some fat to your rice, such as extra virgin olive oil.

  3. Try the meal at different times of the day - we have varying responses to the same food depending on when it is consumed, and we often have better responses during daylight hours.

  4. Try the meal as your first versus second meal - consuming food on a completely empty stomach versus partially empty will lead to a different response.

  5. Do some walk (let's say 15' - 20' minutes) right after your meal. it has been observed to immediately drop glucose spikes.

  6. Finally, decrease the portion of the rice you consume.

If you have completed many different tests and still have an elevated glucose response, then this can more confidently confirm that rice may not be great food for you.

One thing's for sure: answers to one question generate more questions, like how does this type of exercise impact your glucose levels vs. other types of exercise and how they combine with different foods (eg. your rice). This is all about experimenting on a continuous basis in your quest to optimal metabolic health - and that's what makes it interesting! After all, if you weren't a curious personality you wouldn't be using Sync.

Keep it up!

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