Here's the list of features published in our first live release that was distributed live to our closed Beta users:

Approve user requests from waiting list

Our CX agents can review the responses collected from users who wish to join the beta version of Sync in the Users Waiting List. In the same list, the agents can also approve such requests and grant access to the Sync app.

Sign In

A user will be signed in to their account by simply typing their email (which is connected to a valid Sync account) in the app.

First Time User flow

A user that signs in for the first time will have the chance to either activate a sensor right away, while viewing instructions on how to set it up step by step, or choose to activate one later.

Scan Sensor

In order to have the latest glucose data, Sync users need to scan their sensor every few hours. This task is easily done from the main screen of the app. In rare cases that something goes wrong, a clear message will prompt the user to re-scan.

Glucose Chart

An interactive line chart is added to the main screen of the app to represent the glucose values within the day. The user can also swipe to view the values during previous days and also the exact glucose value at any point in time.

Add a Meal

Our users are able to instantly add their meal from the main screen of the app, along with the time the meal was consumed, the meal name and optionally a photo of the meal.

List of meals

All the meals that a user has added are listed on the main screen, grouped by day, and sorted in chronological order. Users are able to browse through their meals by simply scrolling down on the list.

Live Chat

The CX team is easily accessible within the app. As soon as the user selects to contact support, s/he is able to start a live chat with one of our agents.

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